Inclusivity Policy

The Rogue Runners believe that running is for everyone and are committed to inclusion.

The Rogue Runners believe that Black and Indigenous lives matter. We support Black and Indigenous communities through seeking out and prioritizing partnerships with Black-owned and Indigenous-owned businesses, and through seeking opportunities to volunteer for and support charities and organizations that help Black and Indigenous families and youth.

The Rogue Runners believe that gay and trans lives matter. We support the LGBTQ2S community by seeking out and prioritizing opportunities to support LGBTQ2S youth through volunteerism and partnership with LGBTQ2S businesses.

We believe that words matter. We use gender-neutral, anti-ableist language in our communications.

The Rogue Runners believe that the lives of POC matter. We will support businesses that are POC-owned and support organizations and charities that benefit POC.

The Rogue Runners believe that women should be able to run safely, and free from harassment. We support women-owned businesses, work with organizations that support women, and endeavour to foster a safe environment for women to run as they are.

Recognizing that sometimes running takes money and not everyone is financially secure, the Rogue Runners will try to make financial accommodations for runners wherever possible to ensure they are able to participate in events, acquire team gear, travel to races, or train safely. We invite runners to speak to a member of the Executive Team in confidence about their specific needs.

Standard of Behaviour

By running with us, you are agreeing to participate in how we want to interact with each other and our environment. 


Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism and any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Microaggressions, or instances where “a statement, action, or incident are regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority” 1 will not be tolerated.

Further, we underline that inference > intent. A joke made with a sexist, racist, or homophobic undertone, while perhaps meant to be funny, will be considered a violation of our standards of behaviour because sexist, racist, and homophobic undertones are never funny.

An anonymous communication option is available for members to safely inform us of instances where they experience or witness any form of discrimination, in overt or subtle form.


We prioritize the physical, emotional, and intellectual safety of our runners, as well as safety from harassment.

We expect members to respect red lights, the rules of the road, and give cyclists the right of way in bike lanes.

While we do expect that all members participate in community initiatives, our expectation of members is to give back in whatever way they can, whether it be time, money, or item donations. Runners are under no obligation to take part in any of the social aspects of the run club.

We encourage members to socialize with each other, but members are discouraged from making unsolicited contact with each other.


If we want to be leaders in our community, we need to act like leaders in our community. This means demonstrating good manners, being polite, cleaning up after ourselves, and being welcoming of all runners.


Members are expected to be respectful of the environments in which we run. This includes carrying gel wrappers until you come across a garbage/recycling bin and can dispose of them properly, and avoiding the use of cheering materials that create waste (e.g. streamer cannons).